vrijdag 8 november 2013

''Art'' Pop?

So yes, I did pre-order Lady Gaga's new album ARTPOP. Even though I have been utterly annoyed with her pretending to be ''reborn'' or whatever but I mean there is no denying that she looks amazing again these days. Girl's on another level. Just not sure what level that may be....

There's certainly some decent pop on ARTPOP, but the 'art' part is rather harder to discern. Gaga informed the world that she birthed the idea to blend visual art with pop music, which felt a bit like grandly announcing she's had a brainwave to mix classical music with rock, or trash and metal. The urge to take the girl by the arm and explain to her that a few people had actually come up with the idea before is hard to suppress.

''My art pop could mean anything, being that it could also mean nothing at all.'' - Lady Gaga

YO ANDY, WHADUP? I mean come on... It makes even me feel quite awkward about the similarities. Also the production of the song Dope, which is highly underproduced and sounds like a live performance, is nothing like the usually perfectly recorded pop song. I understand that this is another throw at being original, but its just not really working for me. And am I the only one that hears similarities between Gaga's song Manicure and Cherry Bomb from The Runaways?

It is hard not to feel underwhelmed by the album, but thats the danger of hype I guess, especially the hype allied to an artefact thats only partially about music.. So far Aura, Manicure (especially Manicure!) and Applause have a position in my main playlist, but I'm pretty sure I'm one of those suckers that's screaming OMG ARTPOP IS SOOOOO AWE-SOMEEEE in about 2 weeks....