vrijdag 30 maart 2012

In Love With Outer Space

These are some great handmade mixed media collages by British artist Joe Webb. His collage work uses the basic rule of sourcing just two or three images. Then Webb presents them as a reinvented single image with the objective of communicating a new message or idea. He started making these simple handmade collages as a sort of luddite reaction to working on computers for years.

I mean. Its pretty awesome right? Or is it just me.. I love how it looks like the woman is in love with outer space.

By Sander

donderdag 22 maart 2012


I can't believe I didn't see this video of the Rick Owens show before my boss showed it to me today! I blame it on the lack of internet connection in my apartment.. NO ONE has ever done this before! Brutalism doesn't get in the way of beauty at Rick Owens.


"Ima read that bitch, Ima reach that bitch, Ima teach that bitch"

Watch the video!!!!!

By Sander
The cool kids on the block. 4.0

Have been super busy at work, and the wifi in my apartment is FINALLY working, so here are my Lookbook looks of the week!
Can't wait till I have time to finally get some shopping done here in the city.

By Sander

maandag 19 maart 2012

Miami vs Chicago

Everybody’s sense of beauty is different from everybody else’s. 
When I see people dressed in hideous clothes that look all wrong on them, I try to imagine the moment when they were buying them and thought, 
‘’This is great. I like it. I’ll take it.’’ 
You can’t imagine what went off in their heads to make them buy those maroon polyester waffle-iron pants or that acrylic halter-top that has ‘’Miami’ ‘written in glitter. You wonder what they rejected as not beautiful 
- an acrylic halter-top that had ‘’Chicago’’?
                                                                                                                     - The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

zondag 11 maart 2012

Anna and Natasha 

The extraordinary Natasha Morgan NYC has been working it lately! Scoring its first Japanese Vogue editorial, shot by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by the one and only Mrs Anna Dello Russo. It's great to be part of such a prodigious team!

Follow Natasha Morgan NYC and its amazing fashion


Facebook: Like Natasha Morgan NYC

By Sander

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Romanticizing and unrealistic?
Get over yourself.

I've been in New York for almost a week now and I have scanned at least 50 magazines ever since, mostly for internship purposes but still. I have seen so many interesting new fashion advertisements (especially the new Vuitton, Lanvin, & Prada campaigns) and it makes me longing for a future where I have more time to work on my photography.

When I'm in Barnes & Nobles (where I do most of my magazine reading/scanning) I can't stand that environment of all people blabbing about how unrealistic the advertisements, covers, models etc. etc. nowadays are. 

One could argue that dressing the industries best fashion on the species' best specimens isn't merely romanticizing clothing, it has nothing to do with setting an unrealistic precedent of physique for the magazine's readers. They basically just celebrate their readers a form of expression pushed to its most glorious levels. Its just like a team with their hired athletes, they are professionals.

And, if you think about it, fashion is closer to reality than most other art forms. Fiction, film, fine art. It all exists in a contact of the unreal.

So.. That's out of my system.

And yes. I am writing this blogpost in my break.

By Sander

donderdag 1 maart 2012

A fresh start.

I'll be back in New York next week, and I have been crazing myself over some things I was unable to find in Korea (Or it was just ridiculously more expensive. Import shit..) so first thing first when I'm settling in the city.

By Sander