woensdag 22 februari 2012

Goodbye Korea! 안녕

Shot this photo really quickly with my Blackberry when I left Jukjeon, the city I was living in during my time in Korea. Even though I had a sight like this almost everyday, I couldn't stop being astonished with the view.

I have been abroad for a long time now, but it amazes me how close I still am with my friends back home. Skype is the new 2pm coffee meeting.

I had the biggest epiphany a few days ago when I heard that a very old friend of mine was engaged, went to Africa for volunteering work and is a fully devoted Christian now. I had no knowledge of any of this for a very long time, although this all happened when I was still living in Europe.

I truly believe that people first need to find themselves, in order to really connect to others. Because how can you become close to someone if you aren't even sure who that person is they are getting close to.

For me, going abroad and experience uncomfortable situations is a way of finding my true self. And maybe the reason I wasn't able to really connect to others before, and lost contact with them, was because I was still searching for who I really was.

So the real question now is: 

How do we find ourselves, without losing each other? 



By Sander