zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

New York's Jealousy

I've been wanting to do a blogpost on some of the most bona fide fashion in New York City. Since most of the people I hang out with are fashion students, employees, models or designers its a transparent obvious that they know how to dress, but there's an abundant sad amount of people that are fanatic copycats or are just trying too hard to resemble an image.

I hereby show my gratitude to the people that many desire to be the tantamount of..

Sophia Millar

Hostess Decadence Group, FIT Fashion Student, 
From Manchester, UK - I thought her accent was fake

Marcel Floruss

From Stuttgart (Germany), Marc Jacobs intern, 
FIT Student, Speaks 5 languages

Kia Primus

Owner of Jewels Model Management, Nightlife host, Photographer, Young Entrepreneur
The woman only she can be 

David Vo

Fashion Design student at Parsons, From Washington DC,
Prettiest Asian in Manhattan

Claudia Amil

Merchandising Student at FIT, Blogger, Model,
From San Juan, Puerto Rico, Perfect lips.... Perfect everything....

Andy Luong

Student at FIT, Blogger, Blonde Asian,
Carrie Bradshaw stalker, Best club dancing performances

Sam Tarter

FIT Fashion Design student, California Girl, Proenza Schouler intern,
Basically every FIT freshman girl tries to be Sam...

Zack Gottlieb

FIT Fashion Student, Wears shirts with kittens on it, Blogger
Still thinks Britney Spears is a performer, Best eyebrows in Manhattan


Jersey girl that doesn't need a last name, NYU Student, Model,
Lohla is hotter than you

Airik Henders┼Źn

FIT Fashion Student, Sir Gaga, 
Always jealous of his creations

Babs Marino

Model, Never-ending party girl, Hottest redhead in Manhattan,
Oh Babs.... What more to say?

Chantel Jackson

Brooklyn, #TeamJesus, Urban Outfitters,
Doesn't drink alcohol.. (I'm seriously not joking)

Thank you!